When we have money we spend it and when we don’t we pretend something important came up and look somewhere else for cheap fun and food with special stickers after 8 30 when all the good folk are already home eating the full price food or pull up some pretense at having it and wallowing in it. And then there are credit cards, we love those a lot. They help us go through some days, weeks, keeping up appearances, paying bills and paying for our rent. Although some people have so many credit cards, it is shocking. And then debts and the more debt and the bigger the pretense, the bigger the screen and the masquerade. They wonder why they cant survive.
I am at my limit if nothing changes over the summer months that will be it, I will be bankrupt and be living of spaghetti hoops on toast but will be able to afford a toaster, again is anybody’s guess. I really do not know and then what, once i have my posh toaster, five pounds in the white goods collection. What do i do?
I will always remember that old guy who had loads of tea through the day and two buttered slices of toast about every two to three hours and then a proper dinner. Often ready made. He lived to an old age but then he was tough and just got with it and didn’t listen to things and people he wasn’t interested in or he didn’t find useful. He just did what worked best for him and that was the end of that and nothing else or more but it worked for him as it would have worked for some and what that teaches us is that we need to find what works for us what is best for us and how to use it and help us live better and easier lives.
And maybe for a time it is ok to be very low on money to be beyond borderline. Does it tell us about the importance of money? No it doesn’t but it tell us about living in others ways and setting others priorities and discovering journeys and meanderings, we would never have known and found.