The perversion of money is a human component and a human invention.
Money is odourless and without substance. It has been invented as a means to make our life easier, to replace a primitive barter society of i have enough food for today why dont you join me and tomorrow you might enough food or a shelter for me.

Money is useful and has helped us create a society where human contact is reduce to exchanging pieces of paper or even pieces of plastic and reducing the impact of too close a relationship and to leave behind a society based on close contact.
In our contact less world we invent contact less cards. 
We replace words and gestures with empty actions and reduce our verbosity to a minimum of chosen pre programmed phrases.
And for the first time in my life i really grasp the true value and importance of money,
I sold the house and threw it all out,
had the pension and threw that out
and had more money and burned it.
Is it to do with the fact that money in my life never seemed to be missing, it always was there when i wanted it and there never was a need for it.
A worry or a question of where money would come from,
if i didn’t have any, somebody would have some and would be able to lend it me or even give it to me.
A friend, a member of family and we both knew the debt would be repaid in due course.
But now you can’t afford to help each other,
you have enough for yourself, just about
and then there are bills and rent and
in June people start worrying about Christmas

Today there is a strong need for it, i need money to survive, i need money to go on and to live on. I need money to just make it through today to the end of the month,

We are now all one month rent away from homelessness
and i need what seems like a bit of money to be able to stay in the flat,
give my life some stability and keep my home.
Those are the things that are important today.
I am pissed off and just need to pay my rent but it wouldnt be my money would it, it never is my money always somebody else’s and that is so sad .
But in this day and age where we have nobody anymore we can turn to if we need to borrow a bit to tight us over.
There just is no one even people with two jobs and a house they struggle as much as the person on benefits, it is all a nonsense world, where we are so money poor we can’t help each other anymore,
we cant be there for each other, we cant rely on each other. There is a general uneasiness and shame about our world were even the money greedy start loosing their luck at making it,
Everything is too expensive, too exclusive
And even money is on its way out. Money can’t sustain us anymore.



you know anyone who could give me a lift, walk with me for a time, share their bread and dreams and hopes,
I hitchhike my way through life and sometimes it happens and i get to ride in someone’s car
when my legs are tired, and my heart is sore and lonely
and sometimes i just need a hug,
a boost to send be back into life
a kick to get on track and to make me realise that life is more than the sum of its parts,

I need a lift away from my desert island,
it is nice and easy to just sit in my corner and get on with things,
eat what i like , cook what i like, laugh at my jokes, put my armchair just so,
but then sometimes i need a lift , a ride away from the perfect life
to life lived a bit differently
a life less organised and structured
a life that gives me the space to me myself with somebody else

where to go and what to do,
what to talk about so many decisions and so many concessions,
but sometimes life needs to be challenged and needs to taken out for a lift in a shining new environment,
the risk of getting hurt, the risk of having the time of my life,

sometimes we just need to be brave and ask for a lift.