Write through the darkest hour of your daylight

Write about what matters, go for what is important. Find the extreme describe and define that extreme, there you might find the truth of yourself, your story,your character. The deeper meaning can only lay somewhere far beyond. Make it far enough and people will follow you and help you look for and then find what is the meaning of your story, your article, your character.
Push boundaries. Go places where you are not safe. Go places where you have never been. Places you are afraid to name. Go there and give them a name. Find yourself and that barren and unfriendly and lonely place. There you too will meet the raison d’etre of your story, of your effort. You will help define who you are as a person by exploring what you didn’t want to look at or write about. Find a space you can call home, tell yourself what your place is on this earth but you will too help your reader to get closer to his and her own self by making them face their fear and anxieties. Give their despair and loneliness a name.
Help them cope with the fact that we are all lonely but that there is an invisible community holding your hand, walking with you in the barren and unfriendly land that is your life in the dark hours of the morning, in the darkest of your daylight hours.


Author: jeannine007

I am back and glad of it. And it makes me write. Still conceptual artist, writer, post person.

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